Mr. McClure has been a faculty member at OJC for ten years, starting in 2009. He teaches general biology courses, microbiology, as well as leading general science field courses. Mr. McClure became co-director of AVRSF in 2017. Since becoming co-director he has worked with Mr. Khanal and Dr. Nolan to streamline science fair and make it as accessible as possible for all students in the Arkansas River Valley area.


Warren's CV

Warren McClure


Mr. Khanal is co-director of the AVRSF alongside Mr. McClure.


Dol's CV

Dol Khanal


Dr. Nolan has been an active participant in Science and Engineering Fairs since 2014, and in Science Olympiad since 2007. With degrees in Biology, Geoscience, and Earth & Environmental Sciences, Dr. Nolan is a strong advocate for science education, and uses his experience to help and coordinate the technical aspects of running AVRSF.

Webmaster and Technical Consultant

Allan's CV

Allan Nolan, PhD


Dr. Gray has been involved with AVRSF since 1995 and was the fair director for 10 years.  Since then he has been the chair of the scientific review committee.  He has served as a regular fair and specialty awards judge since the first fair in 1996.  The fair was absent from OJC for a number of years, and, after the urging of Jim Herrell who was the principal of East School, Dr. Gray brought the fair back to OJC.  OJC affiliated with the Colorado State Science and Engineering fair that first year and has been affiliated with CSEF since.  In 2002 OJC began affiliating with the International Science and Engineering Fair and has been affiliated since then.

SRC Chair

Joel Gray, PhD




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